THE WAR RAGES ON: RadFems vs. Trannies: Will Feminists Let ‘Gender Queers’ Boss Them Around?

Liberals tacitly side with the transgenders [sic] in pretending that the radfems — a/k/a TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) — have no legitimate grievance.

What the TERFs perceive is that male-to-female transgenders [sic] are cynically seeking to usurp and co-opt the “feminist” label for their own advantage, thus shunting aside biological [i.e., actual] women and demoting them to second-class status within their own movement.

It’s a pretty amazing strategy. Here’s an example of how one man operates:

This failed male, then, presumes to tell feminists they must banish from their conferences and publications — “no-platforming,” as it is called — anyone associated with radical feminists who refuse to accept transgenders [sic] as being the same as women. So if a feminist author participates in a “non-inclusive” (TERF) conference, then she must be blacklisted from other feminist conferences because, to quote Charlie Hale, “Inviting such speakers not only negatively impacts the climate of the movement, but actively makes marginalised people feel less safe and welcome in the event and the movement as a whole.”

And thereby — voila! — a man appoints himself the arbiter of who is acceptable within the Official Feminist Movement.


The very fact that liberals want everybody to ignore this obscure conflict should be a clue that the conflict is, in fact, highly significant.

Take notes. This could be useful.