NEWS YOU CAN USE: Convincing Reasons You Should Not Subscribe to the “Chocolate is Good For You” Hype Indiscriminately.

Small amounts of real chocolate and somewhat larger amounts of artificially pimped high polyphenol chocolate are good for you; and it goes without saying that this constraint excludes 99% of the chocolate and allegedly “chocolate” containing foods that are sold at supermarkets and even health food stores.

Most of the “chocolate” on the market makes you fat, diabetic, hypertensive, and forgetful . . .

If you look closer, there is absolutely zero reliable evidence that eating more of the brown stuff, of which most people assume it was chocolote, entails any health benefits. It has become an unfortunate practice among press-release writers and even reviewers to overlook the experimental design (regular chocolate or other sweets vs. extremely high polyphenol chocolate) to make sure their pamphlet sends the previously cited message, we all want to hear: “Doing what you love to do, in this case eating chocolate, is not bad for you.”