NEVER ENOUGH: Activists to UMich: Admit unqualified students, if they are black.

Kimbrough’s comments follow weeks of increasing tensions over race at U-M. BAMN activists, as well as minority students with the Black Student Union, another group, have continuously demanded increased black and Latino enrollment, even though a state constitutional amendment prohibits administrators from considering race as a factor toward admission.

Earlier this year, BSU made a list of demands and threatened “physical action,” if they were not met. The most costly demand was met almost immediately, as administrators hastily approved a $300,000 renovation to the UM multicultural center. University officials have also met frequently to listen to BSU’s demands and assuage their concerns about diversity on campus.

BAMN stands for “By Any Means Necessary.” The full name of the group is the “Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights, and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary.” When will that battle be over, no matter how many successes there are? Never.

If there are people who just want to keep pushing you around without end, it’s best not to compromise at all. Give them nothing, unless you’re prepared to give up everything.