ROBERT STACY MCCAIN: Emma Sulkowicz Is a Vindictive, Dishonest and Crazy Slut — Allegedly.

By not naming Sulkowicz as a defendant, this means that Sulkowicz [does] not have cause to respond to the allegations he makes against her in the Columbia lawsuit, and guess what? You can’t be sued for defamation because of allegations made in a lawsuit.

In other words, if Nungesser had said some of these things during an interview with a reporter — e.g., that Sulkowicz contracted chlamydia after she had sex with two guys at a party [PDF] — maybe she could have sued him for defamation. And if he had named her as a defendant, they could have fought it out in court. As it is, all this negative stuff about her is now a matter of public record: “Nungesser said X, Y and Z,” and there isn’t a damned thing she can do to prevent anyone from quoting it.