HEARTISTE: Marital Egalitarianism Is Bad For Your Sex Life. From the study: “Our findings suggest the importance of gender display for sexual frequency in heterosexual marriage: couples where men participate more in core tasks—work typically done by women—report lower sexual frequency. Similarly, couples where men participate more in non-core, traditionally masculine tasks report higher sexual frequency, suggesting the importance of gender-typed participation in household labor.”

Here’s some commentary from the post:

Sex-traditional division of labor is sexy because, stop the presses, masculinity in men is attractive to women and femininity in women is attractive to men.

Many confounding variables were accounted for in the paper, including overall marital happiness, religion, and sex ideology. None of them mediated the housework-sex frequency interaction.

The study discussed is a few years old (and has been covered elsewhere) but a reminder is welcome.

While men are told to do women’s work in the home, women are discouraged from it, as Vox Day notes: “Let’s not make the same mistake with our daughters and sentence them to a lifetime of bad food, obesity, and culinary frigidity.”