UK: Rotherham abuse didn’t happen because of political correctness. It happened because of racism.

The leaders and officers of Rotherham council . . . were standing back and watching while children were raped, abducted, beaten and trafficked around the country as sex slaves. And they were standing back because the victims were white and the rapists were not.

Even now – despite everything we have seen and everything we have read and everything we have heard – there is an unwillingness to accept that fact.

Race, the central factor in everything that occurred in Rotherham, is still being brushed under the carpet. . . .

A victim reports a crime to the authorities. They look at her and see she is white. They look at the accused and see he is not white. And on that basis – and solely on that basis – they refuse to take any action. That is not anti-racism. It is not political correctness. It is the very definition of racism itself.

The author doesn’t seem to realize that political correctness is itself racist.