MANGAN: The Optimal Anti-Aging Strategy.

Here’s the equation for living a long time: fasting for a time followed by weightlifting + protein = longer life.

I’m dead serious about this. If you fast, you increase autophagy, which rids your cells of junk. But you must follow this by anabolism, and the best way to accomplish this, even if you’re old, is by lifting weights and eating enough protein.

Ideally, one wants to take protein around workouts, and whey protein has been shown to give the best anabolism bang for the buck. It causes amino acid levels to rise rapidly in the blood, which ensures maximum anabolism. Whey also has the additional benefit of being rich in cysteine, which is the rate-limiting factor in glutathione synthesis. Thus whey can increase levels of glutathione, and this is especially beneficial in older people. And you thought it was only good for bodybuilders.