JANET BLOOMFIELD: One man’s fight to see his son – the broken family court system.

This is an interesting blog written by a personal friend of mine who has spent the last 11 years paying child support for a son he seen only a handful of times.


Please follow this blog if you want a detailed story about how corrupt family courts can be, and how one rapacious, cruel woman can ruin the lives of everyone she touches.

Here’s an excerpt from an informative post:

As she interfered with my custody and then eventually fled the jurisdiction of the court, I have never, ever had my son on one overnight. Ms. Slattery has intentionally and wantonly interfered with my custody of my son, preventing any relationship whatsoever. . . .

No matter how many times I have contacted the court, complaining and begging for assistance with Enforcement of my valid Court Order, I am advised that I must continue to pay my Child Support as ordered, rewarding Trish for refusing to comply with a legal court order, or I will [lose] all of my State and Federally issued licenses and certifications and go to jail. . . . There was a time I continued to overpay my support by one month, so that there was never an issue with a late payment. The State of Florida actually sent me a check on more than one occasion for having a credit in my child support account.

I worked a detail once that technically made me an employee. The employer failed to garnish my support payment quickly enough. After many years of a credit, one half of a payment was one week late due to the payroll department. Within 6 days, I received official notification that my licenses and certifications were being suspended, that I was going to be held in contempt of court and must immediately pay the HALF PAYMENT for the first two weeks of the month or go to jail.

The fact that my ex had now been in violation of the court order for years by this point, and that I have begged the court for assistance for years with negative results meant nothing to the department of Revenue. “Parenting time is a totally separate issue from the Payment of Child Support”. Bluntly…? She can with-hold my son from me and no one will touch her. If I miss one payment, I’m going to jail.