HERE WE GO: Michael Sam: The NFL Goes All-Gay.

The fun will really begin with the repeat of Sam’s smooch of his “boyfriend” every game, which ESPN and every sports page will blast in everyone’s faces. As well as the reaction of mostly ghetto Black players in the locker room. Well, what could go wrong? Everyone knows rap music, the favorite of Black NFL players, is remarkably tolerant and accepting of gays. . . .

The NFL expanded inside the US to be the premier televised sport with TV revenues of around $9 billion for 2013 according to Forbes, but All-Gay all the time puts that in jeopardy. ESPN may have proudly broadcast the gay kiss during the draft, triumphantly “shocking the bourgeoisie” but that moment turned off legions of NFL fans.

Who, to put it mildly, are not exactly SWPL, gay-friendly, metrosexual lovers of all things organic and NPR. NFL ownership is concerned mainly with fitting in with other elites, particularly the media which is itself a hereditary position filled with the lesser children of elites or children of lesser elites. What turns on Keith Olberman, Tony Kornheiser, and the writers at Grantland is a turn-off for fans. This ought to concern the NFL owners (but it doesn’t, because they are fat, happy, and stupid) as the NFL has been unable to expand overseas and must find all its revenue among the American audiences.