JANET BLOOMFIELD: What happens when Jezebel lets a man take over posting for the weekend? Heh. Brilliance, quite frankly!

One weekend, one man, and we have women sabotaging birth control, women suing dead children she herself killed, women lapdancing young boys, women sucking off horses and just to round things out, Schrayber reposted an article about Lauren Cox should not be in Time’s 100 most influential issue, because she’s *gasp* not that influential.

Oh dear. Something tells me Mark is in for a spanking Monday morning. He appears to have missed the memo that women are not to be criticized, their bad behaviours are not to be pointed out and their disgusting sexual proclivities are not to be questioned.


Because the commenters demonstrate beautifully what a pack of hypocritical, contradictory, man-hating, apologist scumbags modern media feminists are.