HOLLYWOOD’S Gay Rape Scandal: A Classic Agency Problem.

The reality is, gays are powerful people with fairly deviant sex drives who use their power in Hollywood to rape teen age and younger boys. The Hollywood gays are more Jerry Sandusky than the characters on Modern Family.

So why are these scandals coming out now?

Simply, Hollywood is running out of money. . . .

The video tape money, people paying for old movies on Video tape, and then the DVD money, kept Hollywood afloat for a while. Until Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, and Pirate Bay put an end to the easy, cheap, effortless stream of cash flooding into Hollywood and keeping the Agents of Stupidity afloat.

Now, Hollywood faces a big challenge. The payoff money to various victims of abuse, gay and otherwise (I’m sure) is no longer there. So, lawsuits.