THEORIZING ABOUT the Modern Birth Control Scam.

Look at how much the government, parents, and society as a whole encourage birth control. Of course, young girls are pushed to take these pregnancy measures even more seriously, when, coincidentally (NOT) they are actually the most fertile they will ever be in their lives. . . .

Meanwhile, as the wall looms closer, the ability to be fertile drops considerably. And when this time comes, in comes modern medicine to save the day, with a million different methods to get pregnant that only cost the price of tuition to send two of the little buggers to an Ivy League school.

What a brilliant con.

I think he gives doctors too much credit for having supposedly thought this through. We didn’t have a bunch of fertility treatment doctors wandering around waiting for chumpettes to wait too long for children. Feminism hit first, and the doctors followed market demand. It’s still a scam, but it’s an ideological scam first.