DANA WHITE on the Wussification of America.

White fondly recalled a time in America when kids lived a freer and less bubble-wrapped existence. “I used to not wear seat belts in the car,” the fight promoter relayed. “I used to sleep in the back window on long trips. I rode my bike without a helmet. I made it. I’m alive. This is ridiculous.”

The jovial White held court in a marathon session with journalists on Thursday afternoon after fighters in his promotion had spoken to the press for about an hour. White’s conversation stemmed in part from New York’s decision to block the UFC and other mixed-martial arts promotions from staging sanctioned contests and the legislation supported by five New York assemblymen to ban youth football for children under fourteen. With a couple of kids playing the sport, and his enjoyment watching their games despite freezing in the cold like every other parent, the skilled pitchman takes such assaults on a sport that he never played a bit personally.

“But to get rid of youth football?” White asked. “It’s ridiculous. It’s insane.”

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