DALROCK: The whispers.

Our culture is . . . always whispering in women’s ears that they deserve better, and mercilessly amplifying every potential doubt.  We saw this with EPL, and How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

My wife has witnessed this throughout her life.

From her devout Catholic maid of honor (now still unmarried at 37) when helping my wife put on her wedding dress 1 hour before the wedding (prompting her to throw her out of the room):

What if you meet a better man in two weeks?

From the girls in the 7th grade class she taught, asking the only girl with a boyfriend why he hadn’t spent more than $50 on her for her birthday (he had saved all of his own birthday money to do so).  Why didn’t he spend $100 on her if he really cared? The girl took the bait and was upset until my wife took her aside and talked it through with her.