“AGING BADLY”: Boys Puberty Book is Pulped After Aging Badly. [archive]

Mr. Frith’s book . . . claimed girls have breasts for two reasons: “feeding babies and looking grown-up and attractive.”

Mr. Ragoonanan said that a follower of his blog alerted him to the book, which was originally published in 2013. “The context of this book is that it’s aimed at boys, young boys, when they’re forming their opinions about women. It was worrying that this kind of passage was out there,” he said in an interview.

Usborne Children’s Books, the book’s United Kingdom-based publisher, quickly apologized for the passage and announced on Aug. 31 that it would destroy its remaining stock of “Growing Up for Boys.”

“We recognize that we have made a mistake. For this we apologize and reiterate that the material will be revised. Our remaining stock will be removed from the warehouse and pulped,” the publisher said.

Despite Usborne’s quick response, Mr. Ragoonanan’s post was shared throughout the internet, with Mr. Frith and Usborne coming in for heavy criticism.