GOVERNMENT IS JUST A WORD FOR THE THINGS WE DO TOGETHER: HSLDA [Home School Legal Defense Association] Sues Kentucky Officials for Forcibly Entering Family’s Home, Strip-Searching Six Children. [archive]

The complaint states that on March 31, 2017, Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services Investigator Jeanetta Childress and police deputy Michael Furnish forcibly entered Holly’s home without a warrant, privately interrogated Holly’s oldest child without her permission, and strip-searched each of Holly’s six children.

The officials were responding to a report made the day before by two police officers who witnessed Holly leaving her children in her locked van for five to 10 minutes on a temperate day while she stepped into a café to pick up some muffins for them. Though Investigator Childress and Deputy Furnish had no warrant, Holly allowed them into her home when they threatened to take custody of her children. After taking Holly’s oldest child into her bedroom to question her, the investigator returned and said she had “to take a look at the kids now.” She then proceeded to strip-search Holly’s children, including her daughters, in front of the male deputy.