PCA, OPC, SJW: Gender Apartheid: Full Transcript of Truth’s Table Podcast.

Here is a full, word-for-word transcript of the “Gender Apartheid” episode of the Truth’s Table podcast, in which prominent PCA [Presbyterian Church in America] and OPC [Orthodox Presbyterian Church] personalities made outrageously heretical statements, passed off radical feminism and liberation theology as biblical truth, stated that “gender is a social construct,” said that there are two sexes AND two genders, apologized to “transgender image-bearers” for not including their perspective, and said that because of rampant “toxic masculinity” in Reformed and evangelical churches, some women are now or soon will be “literally losing their lives.” The full transcript is available after the introduction and background. . . .

Here are some of the most outrageous statements: (All bolding is mine.)

“we understand that gender is a social construct, so we’re technically not actually talking about gender”

“we understand that the extrabiblical confinement of gender roles has really damaged a lot of our family in the church. So you’re going to hear us deal a lot more with this cisgender male/female dynamic today.”

“the Gospel actually tears down the dividing wall of hostility between the sexes and between the genders”

“At conferences that I’m often invited to, are often…always have to do with race, racism, racial reconciliation, trying to do justice in those spheres. But yet completely ignore the toxic patriarchy that is so embedded within the church

“particularly in white evangelical circles, I think the gender apartheid that occurs is an outworking of the purity culture”

More at the link.

One interesting and sad detail from the post linked above is that PCA pastor Todd Pruitt responded to the podcast on his blog, but removed his post after he was called a racist. But it is still available here. [archive]