THE COST OF SCHOOLING BLACKS: Recent articles from Narrative Collapse:

  • What is $666 million a year for education buying Detroit? [archive] “Major media outlets have reported that nearly half of Detroit is functionally illiterate. Since 2010, Detroit High School proficiency rates have only dropped. Why does the school district with the highest cost per pupil have the worst-performing pupils?”
  • Michigan’s vast Asian-Black academic performance gap. [archive] “We already discussed the fact that Detroit schools receive more money per pupil than other districts, but have lower test scores. Does this trend hold true for other majority black districts? Yes.”
  • Somali, Hmong and Minnesota’s wild academic racial gaps. [archive] “Minneapolis Public Schools had a budget of $654 million and 36,370 students. This is a staggering $18k per student. Despite such lavish spending, Asians, Hispanics, and blacks all performed much worse in Minneapolis than the rest of the state. The increased academic performance gap can not be explained by a lack of money, since these students got more money than most of the rest of the state.”