NO SANCTUARY FOR CITIZENS: Sanctuary Cities Free 253 Illegal-Alien Criminals In 2 Weeks: Outlaws becoming ‘main beneficiaries’ of non-cooperation policies. [archive]

New York City is among the uncooperative jurisdictions, having passed a local law in November 2014 that states the police department will not honor ICE detainers. Orange County and Washington, D.C. also have policies that limit cooperation with ICE. In addition to the many cities and counties on the list, ICE also lists the entire states of California and Connecticut as being uncooperative.

ICE began issuing Weekly Declined Detainer Outcome Reports last week in pursuance of President Trump’s January executive order “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States.” [archive]

The agency has issued only two reports so far; the first one covered the week from Jan. 28 to Feb. 3. It listed 206 declined detainers throughout the country, with 142 from Travis County, Texas alone. The Travis County sheriff’s office has a policy of only accepting detainers when accompanied by a court order or when the subject of the request is charged with or has been convicted of capital murder, first degree murder, aggravated sexual assault or continuous smuggling of persons.