REFUGEES From French & Haitian Revolutions. [archive]

The September Massacres [archive] in Paris and the 1804 Haiti Massacre [archive] are examples of the senseless murder which defined the two Leftist revolutions and drove many to seek safety in Dixie. Southerners generously opened their arms to many of the victims.

Dr. David Ramsay [archive] (1749-1815) wrote of this episode in Southern history in his work Ramsay’s History of South Carolina: From Its First Settlement in 1670 to the Year 1808. He wrote:

A new variety of human misery was lately presented for the exercise of [South Carolina’s] hospitality. The insecurity of life, liberty, and property, in revolutionary France, and the indiscriminate massacre of Frenchmen in St. Domingo, drove several hundreds in the last years of the 18th century to the shores of Carolina. They were kindly received; and, such as were in need, received a temporary accommodation at the expense of the public. Most of them fixed their residence in or near Charleston.

These days South Carolina and other Southern States are forced to take in more and more Muslim “refugees” [archive] from the Middle East, endangering our citizens and imposing an alien and incompatible culture in our midst. However, once upon a time we “kindly received” White, Right-wing refugees we thought would fit in and add to our strength. And we supported them when necessary for a short time. Today, we are looted indefinitely to provide welfare, housing, free education, free healthcare and an assortment of other free services to people who pose a serious security risk and add nothing positive whatsoever to our society. The contrast between the kinds of people to whom we offered refuge then and those we are forced to take in now is stark.