BLAME WHITEY: DeShawn Taylor Exposes John Piper’s Vicious Lies About “White Abortionists”. [archive]

John Piper tells lies. Vicious, hateful lies, claiming that it’s “white people” murdering black and brown babies in abortion clinics. Are some abortionists white? Yes, they are. But, as we can clearly see from DeShawn Taylor and Kermit Gosnell, there are plenty of abortionists who are black. There are abortionists of every race.

And if John Piper wants to make abortion a racial/ethnic issue, fine. But half-measures won’t do. Don’t use the vague term “whites” when talking about exactly which group is performing all these abortions. Let’s get down to details, John. And the details are that those “whites” are overwhelmingly from one ethnic group, Jews, many of whom would angrily deny that they’re “white.” Jewish ob-gyns are 40 times more likely to perform abortions than evangelical Protestant doctors: [archive]

A survey of 1,800 practicing ob-gyns found that while 97 percent of them have encountered a woman seeking an abortion, only 14 percent are willing or able to provide them.

Perhaps relatedly, Jewish doctors are by far the likeliest to perform abortions:
40.2 percent of Jewish doctors say yes, compared with
1.2 percent of Evangelical Protestants
9 percent of Roman Catholics or Eastern Orthodox
10.1 percent of Non-Evangelical Protestants
20 percent of Hindus
26.5 percent of doctors who said they had no religious affiliation

An early version of the article from which these numbers are derived is available here. [archive] And the abstract of the final paper can be found here. [archive]