CULTURAL ENRICHMENT: UK: Anti-Racism Vigil Held After Muslim Activist Spat on by ‘Arab Appearance’ Male. [archive]

Get West London reported [archive] that Ashraf was at a takeaway when a man told her she “shouldn’t be here”. The assailant reportedly then grabbed her coat and tried to drag the Manchester resident outside, shouting that he “wasn’t going to tolerate it” before other people at the establishment intervened.

“Then he spat on me as he was pushed out of the takeaway”, Ashraf told the website. The man fled the scene before officers arrived, and the incident is being treated as a racially motivated hate crime.

The suspect is of Arab appearance, in his 30s and about 5ft 9ins tall, police said, adding that he had facial hair and spoke with a non-British accent.

The demonstration at Lyric Square, at which Londoners were urged to “Say No to Racism” and “Say Yes to Diversity” according to [archive] promotional flyers, was organised by Stand Up to Racism.

The group condemn what they say is “a racist offensive sweeping Europe”, and hold marches demanding open borders and an end to criticism of mass immigration.

The problem is racist immigrants, and the solution is more racist immigrants. Got it.