BAIT AND SWITCH: How The Left Thinks: Why Blacks Cannot Commit Hate Crimes. [archive]

Make a statement that sounds neutral and get people to buy into it. Brand the opposition as fear mongerers, racists, sexists, etc. Only years after the statement is generally accepted, you then move the goal post and clarify what the statement really means in the context of current events, which is now no longer a neutral statement. Then group anyone who now disagrees with the nazis, fear mongerers, etc. . . .

“There should be an additional penalty for crimes committed on victims based on their race.” The current events of the time where this statement was uttered and debated were you had some white people literally tie a black man to the bumper of a truck and then dragged him to his death. Normal people were appalled at this behavior, and it was racially motivated. Many accepted that an additional punishment was warranted. (At the time, I didn’t.)

Fast forward to today. Black Lives Matter supporters kidnap and torture a special-needs white Trump supporter, and you have people saying that it’s not a hate crime, and the thing is, they are correct. Because they define a hate crime as solely whites committing crimes against minorities.

Had they mentioned that 20 years ago, the public sentiment would have been much different.

We’ve heard for decades that diversity is great. But today it’s clear that diversity does not include white males.

One day it won’t include white females, either.

That day may have already arrived. See earlier, “Diversity” means fewer white people: “It was only a matter of time before white women joined the ranks of the unwanted. The phony-baloney rape hoax culture at colleges hilariously ignores assaults by black guys on white women. In fact, those are covered up because black trumps white, regardless of the sex involved. We’re seeing that in Europe where the elites are throwing a rape-a-paloosa so European girls can be assaulted by Arabs.”

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