UK: Man who tied bacon to mosque door handles dies in Bristol prison. [archive]

A man who was jailed for tying bacon to the door handles of a mosque has died in prison.

Kevin Crehan, 35, died in HMP Bristol on Tuesday, December 27 while serving a 12-month sentence for the crime.

A prison spokesman said an investigation into the death in underway, but no further detail has been released. . . .

Judge Julian Lambert had said the incident was an ‘attack on England’ and ‘the principles of freedom of religion’.

In 2014, Judge Julian Lambert sentenced Omar Jumale “for two years for sex with a child,” [archive] in a case involving a Somali gang that raped girls from 13 to 17 years old. Twleve months for bacon, twenty-four for rape.

And that’s relatively harsh, when one considers another case that same year: [archive]

An Islamic teacher who molested a girl as he taught her the Koran has escaped jail after claiming his family were dependent on him as his wife speaks “very little English.” . . .

On the day he was arrested, father-of-six Maknojioa was due to teach 30 children at a mosque near his home in Blackburn, Lancs.

He was later convicted of five counts of sexual activity.

But he escaped with a 40 week custodial sentence suspended for two years after the court heard that he was now on benefits with a family reliant on him.